NEWS24 May 2017

Kantar Health partners with Nokia on diabetes database

Healthcare News North America

US – Healthcare consulting and market research agency Kantar Health and tech company Nokia have joined forces on a longitudinal cohort study into the impact of lifestyle therapy on diabetes.

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Kantar Health will contribute the study design and execution, while Nokia’s technology (which include the Withings connected health products) will generate biometric data and support the study delivery. The first data analysis of research findings is expected by autumn this year and final research findings will be completed in spring 2018.

The companies hope that the novel combination of biometric and longitudinal, real-world data will provide better insights into the diabetes patient, so healthcare companies can make better decisions for managing and treating this chronic disease.

Geneviève Bonnelye, managing director, Kantar Health, said: "As the role of the patient continues to evolve, management of chronic conditions such as diabetes is transforming through the ever increasing use of connected devices in patient populations.

"Lifestyle therapy, including changes in nutrition, physical activity, sleep and nicotine use, is an essential component of type 2 diabetes treatment, however there’s a lack of longitudinal patient data about the disease’s impact on weight, activity level, sleep and blood pressure, as well as limited evidence on how treatment management is affecting patients’ loss or gain of weight."