NEWS19 August 2015

Kantar Health partners with Data2Life

Healthcare News North America

US — Healthcare consulting firm Kantar Health has partnered with Data2Life, a Tel Aviv-based technology company.

The partnership is intended to provide “early signal intelligence” to the pharma industry on drug side effects, based on “real-world” information.

Data2Life collects, standardises and validates data from real-world sources, such as regulatory agencies, anonymised health records and social media. Its partnership with Kantar Health is intended to allow the consulting firm to help its pharma clients to use this data to address safety and surveillance issues as well as to better focus efforts on developing resources and innovation.

“There is great value in having these diverse datasets available through one interface, along with analytical tools that can provide insights relative to the industry goals of drug safety and innovation,” said Itzik Lichtenfeld, founder and CEO of Data2Life.

“Clearer visibility into drug events offers specific and compelling opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to strengthen post-approval drug safety practices, as well as to respond more quickly to an increasing number of regulatory inquiries.”