NEWS19 December 2018

Kadence grows revenue by 113%

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UK – Data and insight agency Kadence International increased its revenue by 113% in 2017, the company has announced.

Kadence increased its revenue to £7.85m in the 12 months leading to 31 December 2017. Pre-tax profits also rose by 483% over the year and the company achieved an EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) rate of 9.8%.

Greg Clayton, managing director at Kadence International, said: "In 2017, we more than doubled our revenues to £7.85m and also brought the company back to a very healthy level of profitability. In 2018, we have delivered 30%+ growth for both our insights and data solutions teams."

Jane Frost, chief executive at MRS, said: "As we look across a mixed year for the UK research industry, there are some notable success stories. I am pleased to see Kadence enjoy such exceptional results – more than doubling turnover in 2017. The only agency (to our knowledge) to have done so."