NEWS11 November 2013

J&J looks for ‘meaningfully different’ measure for brand tracking

North America

US — Johnson & Johnson is moving to a unified methodology for tracking some of its “mega brands”, global strategic insights VP Brenda Armstead said at a recent conference.

According to Warc, Armstead told The Market Research Event in Nashville, that the company was looking to become “more of a global organisation [with] standards and consistency in the way we track our brand equity across our entire consumer group portfolio”.

The cross-brand measurement is built around Millward Brown’s Meaningfully Different framework, which assess brands according to their meaningfulness, their difference and their salience.

Click here for the full Warc report, here for an explanation of the Meaningfully Different framework and its origins, and here for an interview with Millward Brown chief global analyst Nigel Hollis about his new book, The Meaningful Brand.