NEWS24 July 2009

JiWire to use Nielsen Claritas data for wi-fi targeting service

Data analytics North America

US— Mobile audience media agency JiWire has agreed a deal with Nielsen Claritas for a new service that aims to help marketers better target advertising to consumers who use the company’s 25,000 wi-fi hotspots.

The service marries Nielsen’s behavioural, demographic and lifestyle data on consumers with information about JiWire’s wi-fi locations to aid segmentation of people using laptops and other wireless devices in places such as cafés, hotels and airports.

Kevin McKenzie, JiWire’s founder and chief executive, said: “This unique partnership allows advertisers to buy an audience by demographic and location in an interactive and credible environment. The new service enables advertisers to customise their campaigns, messages and even creative to reach a highly targeted, receptive audience on a location-by-location basis, which is critical as marketers seek even greater performance from marketing spend.”