NEWS25 August 2017

Isobar launches VR measurement and analytics tool

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US – Full service digital agency Isobar has developed what it claims is the first virtual reality (VR) emotional measurement and analytics platform.

Developed in collaboration with MIT Media Lab it captures and analyses behavioural data in virtual reality and will be integrated with its neuroscience tool, MindSight. It is designed to help clients better understand the emotional response to virtual, augmented and mixed reality content.

Isobar has also integrated MindSight with iMotion’s biometric research platform which measures human emotional response to visual stimuli using eye tracking, electroencephalograph (EEG), galvanic skin response, electrocardiography and facial electromyography.

Dave Meeker, vice-president, Isobar US said: "Emotions provide the energy behind virtually every behaviour people engage in, every day of our lives. And emotions are tricky to measure. For VR to power anything, including commerce, we must measure in-the-moment emotion.

"Brands that invest in VR now can have precise and sensitive methods that measure stumbling blocks and successes without depending on self-reporting, language, cognitive effort, memory, or even users’ willingness to give an honest answer."