NEWS17 February 2014

IRI and Technomic link restaurants to retail

News North America

US — IRI and Technomic have joined forces to provide a new Restaurant to Retail (R2R) Insights service.

R2R Insights combines consumers’ retail point-of-sale (POS) data with insight what these same consumers buy and eat at major chain restaurants. According to IRI, this “enables collaboration between manufacturers, retailers and restaurant operators and generates opportunities to increase sales through innovation, product placement, licensing and co-promotion.”

Robert Tomei, president, Consumer & Shopper Marketing, IRI, said: “Chain restaurants and food service organisations face similar information, analytics and marketing challenges, while also having analogous growth opportunities to food and beverage manufacturers and retailers.

“By combining actual retail purchase and restaurant visitation data from the same households, we’ve created a powerful tool for both CPG and restaurant executives seeking to protect their existing business and also grow their share of total meal occasions.”