NEWS27 February 2017

Ipsos year-on-year revenues remain stable

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FRANCE – Ipsos reported overall revenue of €1,783m for 2016, virtually the same as figures from 2015 (€1,785m), and organic growth of 3%. 

Fourth quarter revenue was reported as €517m, which is a fall of 1.8% from the same period in 2015, but represents a fourth successive quarter of growth. Negative currency effects of 3.4% account for the stability in revenue of euros.

All geographic regions of Ipsos' business experienced growth in 2016, with the exception of Brazil and the Middle East. This was attributed to ‘specific crises occurring there'. The emerging markets, which were described as ‘a drag on Ipsos’ earnings in 2015’ grew by 3.5% in 2016, compared with developed countries’ 2.7%. 

The company launched a New Way programme in 2014, with the objective of developing and deploying services tailored to ‘the new needs of the market'. 

'Ipsos believes more than ever that identifying, measuring, understanding and hence anticipating the choices and behaviours of citizens/customers/consumers is a major need of political and economic organisations-businesses as much as governmental and non-governmental institutions,’ the results release said.

'Ipsos is convinced that through the success of the New Way programme and the development of New Services, it has the expertise, the financial and human resources, and the determination to continue to grow and to keep its place as a global, well-qualified and credible force for researching, analysing and packaging data and accurate, clear and useful knowledge.

Full results can be found here