NEWS1 March 2018

Ipsos reports flat revenue for 2017

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FRANCE – Ipsos achieved revenue of €1.8 billion in 2017, on a level with 2016, although its organic growth increased 2.4%.

With the weakening US dollar and UK pound, exchange rates had a negative effect.

Q4 2017 revenues were €513 million, down 0.8% on the same quarter the previous year.

Ipsos identified the most significant trends for 2017 as being similar to those seen in 2016 – new services grew 17% and emerging markets (which accounted for a third of its activity in 2017 ) continued to grow, up 4.6%.

Of its business lines, its social research and public opinion programmes grew the most, although from the smallest base – €189m revenue, up 6.9%.

Regionally, Asia Pacific performed the best (up 6.5%), EMEA was up 3.5% with the UK, Russia and Turkey doing particularly well.