NEWS22 October 2012

Ipsos starts national media study in Jordan

Middle East and Africa

JORDAN — Ipsos Media CT Jordan has begun its first National Media Analysis (NMA) which will look into the different media consumption habits of Palestinians living in West Bank and Gaza.

The NMA which is conducted biannually includes all printed media, internet consumption data and audience figures for radio and TV. It will also analyse take-up of applications via social media and smartphones across sectors such as banking, real estate, tourism, travel and telecommunications.

Ipsos says that each piece of information provided in the NMA can then be profiled or segmented by the various demographic information of Palestinians such as age, gender, income and area of ??residence, educational level and occupation profession. These can be linked to the results of the study to be more detailed and more profiled by the target group.

The objective of the study is to provide a common currency for West Bank and Gaza Palestinians’ media consumption habits to be used as audience information for advertising transactions. Ipsos has Interviewed 2200 Palestinian citizens aged 15 years and above during the month of September 2012.

Interviews were conducted in random, face-to-face studies and in the respondents’ homes to explore their observations and listening and their reading trends of different mediums, Ipsos selected only one person from each house visited. The sample has subsequently been divided by the population census according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

In July Ipsos launched its Online Audience Panel Data service in Jordan, bringing the number of countries in the MENA covered to ten.