NEWS20 October 2023

Ipsos releases corporate reputation tool

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US – Ipsos has launched an artificial intelligence-based platform for modern brand, risk and reputation management.

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Ipsos Rise – short for Reputation Intelligence for Strategic Evaluation – will help brands synthesise disparate data sets, such as news, social media, surveys and regulatory data, into more easily analysed information.

The platform provides insights through an optional on-demand platform or in the form of focused reports.

Lorenzo Larini, chief executive at Ipsos North America, said: “With brands and businesses expected to solve societal wrongs, positively impact their communities, and lead on ESG issues – all while delivering value to shareholders and stakeholders –reputation management has never been more critical or more challenging.”

Jason McGrath, head of Ipsos’ US corporate reputation team, added: “The solution positions teams to spot and manage risk upstream. Instead of firefighting in a crisis, Ipsos Rise offers a path to proactive issues and risk management.”