NEWS31 January 2013

Ipsos relaunches Brand Graph Digital globally

North America Technology

US — Ipsos ASI Digital is relaunching its Brand Graph Digital service globally, three years after piloting it in the US. The move forms part of the company’s five year plan to modernise the way research in the digital world is conducted.

Originally launched for the US ad market in 2010, Brand Graph Digital intended to offer in-market testing capabilities so that advertisers could quickly determine brand, platform, message and campaign performance, based on real-time insight for digital advertising campaigns.The company says that its relaunch will now be “lighter, more nimble, more modular, and available to more Ipsos ASI clients in more countries around the world.”

In addition, the research giant says it has updated its LiveTest product to support pre-roll video replacement on YouTube, replacement on Facebook and social comment support. The digital advertising tool, tested by Mondelez (Kraft Foods), MasterCard and Colgate-Palmolive. was launched last year and combines behavioural web analytics with survey data to measure online effectiveness.

Ken Mallon, global president of Ipsos ASI Digital (pictured), said: “Ipsos ASI Digital is taking a long look at digital communications, focusing our efforts on client driven innovation and the globalisation of our services. We’re charting a five-year roadmap that will see us create, build and launch increasingly innovative research tools that will help our clients achieve their digital objectives. The online world is rapidly changing and Ipsos intends to stay on top of the wave, providing our clients with the freshest and most meaningful insights possible.”

Alan Thompson, vice president of digital product development with Ipsos ASI Digital, added: “Brand Graph Digital has helped many of our US clients achieve digital success so we’ve fine-tuned and updated it to make it a fully global solution for clients around the world. We’re confident they’ll see similar results.”