NEWS1 November 2012

Ipsos ASI launches LiveTest with Mondelez and MasterCard

North America Technology

US — Ipsos ASI has unveiled a new digital advertising tool that combines behavioural web analytics with survey data to measure online effectiveness. Called “LiveTest”, the tool has already been tested by Mondelez (Kraft Foods), MasterCard and Colgate-Palmolive.

Ipsos says that LiveTest aims to help marketers understand the effectiveness of their online advertising spend before they commit to definitive media buying agreements. It works by monitoring how consumers are exposed to a brand’s content during natural online navigation and translating these analytics into real contexts using bespoke survey data.

This includes focusing on identifying information such as which creative is working the hardest to achieve the brand’s objectives, how the brand can optimise creative before launch and what expectations they could reasonably have for how creative should perform across top websites.

Peter Haslett, head of digital strategy in Europe at Ipsos ASI (pictured), explains: “LiveTest allows users to get real-time insights into the synergies of their creative content and media buy. It is a product that meets the demands and objectives of today’s digital marketer, yet offers a mutual benefit of shared learnings on what makes the digital world tick.”

Ken Mallon, global president of digital at Ipsos ASI, adds: “The market is ready for a fast, accurate solution that doesn’t hinder the consumer web browsing experience.”