NEWS23 June 2010

Ipsos OTX kicks off annual survey of media use in young families

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US— Ipsos OTX MediaCT has kicked off an annual study into the media habits of young families, involving 2,000 online kids aged six to 12 and their parents.

The study, LMX Family, is completed in two parts: a ‘(M)eDiary’ among children to capture past day activities, and an ‘Activities & Usage’ module involving kids and parents that adds device ownership, usage, and co-entertainment activities.

Donna Sabino, senior vice president of kids and family insights, said: “Understanding this demographic is critical for marketers and content creators as it provides a view of what the future of media and advertising will look like. Unlike adults who have had to adapt to this new media environment, kids have never known a world where content was not available 24/7, across a wide variety of technologies, wherever they are.”

Data will be available through the Harmoni data delivery platform developed by Infotools, which has struck up a partnership with Ipsos OTX MediaCT. The agreement encompasses outputs from other syndicated studies produced by the research agency.