NEWS11 October 2016

Ipsos launches Connect:Live

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UK – Ipsos Connect has released a tool to help advertisers understand the brand impact of online video advertising called Connect:Live.

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Connect:Live measures the brand impact of Facebook video advertising in the live platform,  combining behavioural, registration and survey brand metrics. 

The company said it allows advertisers to pre-test potential ads and then measure the brand impact of a campaign within a few days to optimise in real time.

Yannick Carriou, CEO of Ipsos Connect, said: "We know that advertisers are drowning in digital data. We also know they are looking for the metrics that matter, especially having experienced the difficulty of making decisions using cold, technical data. 

"Advertisers want a better understanding of how digital investment engage viewers and create an uplift for their brand and business. And business impact is what matters in the end."