NEWS10 May 2016

Ipsos launches concept optimisation tool

Innovations News North America

US — Ipsos InnoQuest has launched InnoConstruct, a tool for identifying the best combination of concept elements. 

InnoConstruct incorporates Ipsos InnoQuest’s standard concept testing deliverables, including concept performance, trial potential and the ‘Archetype Innovation Profile', as well as guidance on which combination of headline, insights, benefits, reasons to believe, brand, price and package would be most effective. 

The output includes simulations for ‘what-if’ scenarios related to the use of different elements. 

“In today’s fast-paced world, concept testing has to evolve," said Lauren Demar, global CEO of Ipsos InnoQuest. "It has to work harder. It’s not just about choosing winners or weeding out losers anymore.

"With InnoConstruct, our clients can feel confident that they have developed an optimal concept based on all the different combinations of elements tested — one with the best chance of success in the market.”