NEWS25 July 2023

Ipsos launches advertising testing tool

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FRANCE – Research business Ipsos has created an online early-stage development tool to screen creative ideas, visuals, storyboards and videoboards for advertisers.

Digital advertising abstract image

The tool, called Creative|Spark Early, will be available on the Ipsos.Digital platform in the US, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

Creative|Spark Early will help advertisers to identify consumer insights, creative expressions and campaign ideas before progressing to full production.

The tool measures memory encoding potential, brand linkage and the appeal of campaign messaging, and offers specific recommendations to enhance development.

Creative|Spark Early will be released in additional markets on the Ipsos.Digital platform throughout 2023 and beyond.

Shaun Dix, global leader of creative excellence at Ipsos, said: “At Ipsos, we understand that early-stage creative development can be a challenging journey, with brands often uncertain about which ideas or creative paths to pursue.

“Making the wrong decisions at this crucial stage can have adverse effects on the overall campaign, resulting in costly and inefficient outcomes.

“With this in mind, brands should adopt early-stage creative research as a catalyst to ignite their creative development.”