NEWS23 September 2013

Ipsos Healthcare launches patient study

Data analytics North America

US — Ipsos Healthcare has launched a study into the patient’s journey from symptoms to treatment.

Beginning with OncoJourney, which offers a holistic view of the oncology patient journey, the studies comprise of what Ipsos said was the industry’s first syndicated, multi-stakeholder approach to understanding the end-to-end buying process.

The studies combine quantitative syndicated global therapy monitor data with qualitative multi-stakeholder research and aims to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the journey from symptoms through to treatment, whilst shedding light on different stakeholders’ roles in diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Ipsos Healthcare’s associate vice-president for global oncology Karen Higginbottom said: “The journey studies deliver a whole new dimension of insight and understanding from companies’ existing syndicated data. This allows research budgets to stretch further without losing the quality, depth and knowledge provided by traditional patient journey / buying process work.”