NEWS24 November 2011

Ipsos chooses country managers for combined business


GLOBAL— Following its merger with Synovate, Ipsos has selected country managers to lead the combined company’s operations from next year.

The larger markets are dominated by former Ipsos bosses, although Synovate managers have taken around one third of the jobs overall (in line with the relative sizes of the two firms before the merger) and are well represented in Africa and Asia Pacific.

Ipsos’s Jeff Cail and Gary Bennewies will manage the US and Canadian businesses, with Odmar Almeida as country manager for Brazil. Synovate’s North American CEO Scott Miller will leave his current role in early 2012.

In Asia, Ipsos’s Shunichi Uchida will be country manager for Japan while Synovate’s Mick Gordon takes the top job in India. Ipsos’s Hugh Amoyal will run the Australian business. As already announced, Alick Zhou will lead the China business. Synovate’s former China CEO Eliza Wong has left, but will continue to serve as a consultant until April 2012.

In Europe, Ipsos’s Ralf Ganzenmueller will serve as country manager for Germany with Synovate’s Harald Hasselmann as deputy. Ipsos’s Yannick Carriou and Nando Pagnoncelli will serve as country managers for France and Italy. Synovate’s Enriqué Domingo will be in charge of Spain. As previously announced, Ben Page will continue to lead the UK business, Ipsos Mori, while Synovate’s UK CEO Jill Telford has been offered jobs elsewhere in the business.

Ipsos completed its £525m acquisition of Synovate in October, creating the world’s third-largest market research business, employing 16,000 people in 84 countries.

Almost all of Ipsos’s regional managers have kept their jobs in the combined firm. Ipsos has said it will try to find new roles for those whose jobs no longer exist – a list that includes Peter Huijboom, regional boss for Synovate in Europe and Latin America.