NEWS8 December 2022

Ipsos Canada names chief executive

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CANADA – Ipsos Canada has made its interim chief executive officer Cynthia Pachovski permanent following the retirement of the previous incumbent Gary Bennewies.

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Pachovski joined Ipsos Canada in 2019 as president of its market strategy and understanding division, where she helped clients with market, strategic and technology-led solutions.

In September 2022, Pachovski became interim chief executive after Bennewies opted to retire, and will report to Lorenzo Larini, chief executive at Ipsos North America, in her newly permanent post.

Before working for Ipsos, Pachovski had led Nielsen Consumer Insights and the Nielsen Media Digital Divisions in Canada.

Between 2007 and 2012, Pachovski also worked with Ipsos in France as general manager of the French Overseas Territories.

Larini said: “Cynthia is an extremely effective leader. Picking up from the strong position which Canada achieved through the second quarter, performance under Cynthia’s leadership has continued to grow.

“Her exceptional track record made her the clear choice to lead as CEO and further grow Ipsos Canada in its pre-eminent place in Canadian market research.”