NEWS29 August 2018

InsightsNow introduces Lego method

Innovations News North America

US – Behavioural research company InsightsNow has added a Lego Serious Play-based qualitative research approach to its services.


Its PlayFull Insights (PFI) is an application of the moderated thinking, communication and problem-solving technique, Lego Serious Play, where participants use Lego bricks to build stories in response to a moderator’s questions.

PFI fosters ‘prospective thinking’ – decision-making identified by psychologists as ‘System 3’.

While System 1 is fast, intuitive, more impulsive mental processes and System 2 decisions are made more slowly using rational processes, Prospective System 3 thinking involves remembering the past to anticipate future outcomes – so decisions are based on anticipatory emotions such as desire, hope, fear and intrigue.

Karen Lynch, senior director of qualitative insights at InsightsNow and original co-creator of PFI, said: "PlayFull Insights allows participants to use fresh new thinking as they build, share and reflect upon their personally created 3-D models.

"Stories about their models becomes the basis for group discussion. By using this unique and innovative method, new and actionable insights are uncovered."

PFI was developed by Lynch, and Siri Lynn of Idea Exchange, in 2016.

Dave Lundahl, founder and CEO of InsightsNow, added: "The approach correlates with, and enhances, our other agile techniques, all with the goal of getting to insights faster for our clients."