NEWS9 January 2020

InsightsNow launches behavioural tools portal

Behavioural science News North America

US – Behavioural research firm, InsightsNow, has released an online portal for product development and marketing.


The InsightsNow Behavioral App Store includes a range of applications for product development and marketing tools for business decision making.  

The storefront allows on-demand ordering, through annual subscriptions with pre-purchased bundles of credits to access the suite of behavioural applications.

Dave Lundahl (pictured), founder and CEO of InsightsNow, said: “This new storefront goes beyond any current offerings in the marketplace, especially with the unique behavioral KPIs available in the system. It puts all the tools product developers and marketers need for their next project in one place, for ease of use, to help product developers, marketers and researchers nudge and disrupt their consumers.”