NEWS17 November 2017

Infotools launches cloud-based Harmoni

Asia Pacific News

NEW ZEALAND – Market research analysis company Infotools has released a cloud-based market research platform, Infotools Harmoni.


The tool uses machine learning and automation to help researchers spend less time preparing data and more time generating insights from that data.

The platform is data agnostic, supporting a range of data sources; it integrates data from multiple sources into one data set; uses machine learning; and is priced so users don’t pay for seats or licenses, but only for their actual use.

The company said its approach to purchase plans makes it easier for market research agencies to adopt the platform without risk.

Ant Franklin (pictured), CEO of Infotools, said: “More than four years of intensive development by market researchers and millions of dollars has gone into the creation of Infotools Harmoni. We believe it gets to the heart of market research analysis in a way that hasn’t been achieved before in our industry.”