NEWS18 January 2012

IMS sells off SDI audit businesses to InVentiv

M&A News North America

US— Healthcare consulting firm InVentiv has agreed to buy some of the research products of SDI – which regulators said had to be sold for competition reasons following the acquisition of SDI by IMS Health.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) told IMS last year that it had to sell certain of SDI’s data products by the end of January, to prevent the combined company from becoming too dominant in both promotional audits – which track advertising for branded drugs, and medical audits – which measure the diagnoses and treatments provided by doctors.

The businesses will become part of Campbell Alliance, a pharma management consulting firm owned by InVentiv. They represent less than $15m or approximately 10% of SDI’s 2011 revenue, IMS said.

IMS will continue to sell its existing medical and promotional research services.