NEWS15 May 2013

IMRSV launches webcam face recognition software

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US — Technology company IMRSV has released face detection software which aims to allow any webcam to be used to gather real world data.

The company said that the Cara Face Detection software had been designed to measure retail, advertising and other real world environments that have typically required ‘analogue’ research studies using pen, paper and clipboard.

Cara provides anonymous audience data such as gender, age, attention time, and glances in real world spaces and detects up to 25 people simultaneously up to 25 feet away using a basic web camera for real-time information gathering.

The software is intially being released for Windows and Linux, requiring only a PC, Internet connection and a standard webcam, while IMRSV is currently working to bring real-time face detection to tablet and mobile devices on both Android and iOS later this year.

“The offline world is the largest untapped resources of information. Businesses are familiar with the power of online data, but in the physical world ­ where 90% of commerce takes place ­ there are mostly antiquated tools,” said Jason Sosa, founder and CEO of IMRSV.