NEWS4 September 2009

Hitwise debuts web measurement service in Brazil

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BRAZIL— Hitwise’s internet measurement service made its debut in Brazil this week, with Google-owned sites occupying four slots in a ranking of the ten most visited domains in the country.

Hitwise compiles its audience counts by tracking the internet activity of a sample of 90,000 Brazilian web users. The data collected allows it to report data for more than 60,000 websites across 160 industry categories.

Bill Tancer (pictured), global research director for the Experian-owned firm, was on hand for the launch event in Sao Paulo.

The Hitwise Brazil service is being offered through Serasa Experian Marketing Services, whose president Juliano Marcillio said: “We are able to provide marketers with specific insights into consumer behaviour as well as into competitors marketing activities. This data is crucial to improving and measuring online marketing, content development, search and affiliates strategies and tactics.”

Hitwise expanded its service into Canada earlier in the year. It also measures internet usage in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.