NEWS8 July 2009

Quamnet picks Hitwise for competitive intelligence

Asia Pacific New business

HONG KONG— Online financial services portal Quamnet has contracted Experian Hitwise to provide competitive intelligence to feed into the development of ad strategies.

Quamnet will use the service to see how visitors to its site interact with other websites and measure the performance of competitors, as well as reporting on marketing programmes.

Kenny Chan, Quamnet’s executive director, said: “Advertisers and marketers have long been relying on click-through rate to measure marketing effectiveness. Experian Hitwise offers us and our advertisers more comprehensive insights to evaluate online advertising results, enabling us to plan competitive advertising strategies effectively.”

Daniel Cheung, Experian Marketing Services’ director for Hong Kong and Taiwan, said: “Online is a dynamic and continually evolving space and in today’s economic climate it is critical that businesses are able to identify competitive insights as they happen.”

Experian Hitwise, which is part of Experian Marketing Services, operates in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada.