NEWS12 January 2010

Healthcare data firm SK&A sold to Cegedim

M&A North America

US— Healthcare data and research firm SK&A has been sold to Cegedim Dendrite, a CRM services business focused on the life sciences industry.

SK&A holds contact and profiling information on more than two million healthcare practitioners, which Cegedim plans to use to bolster its OneKey database services in the US.

Dave Escalante, SK&A’s president and CEO, will continue to lead the business in his new role of vice president of data and information solutions.

Cegedim Dendrite is part of the Cegedim Group, which has headquarters in France. Previous acquisitions include patient data firm Hospital Marketing Services and pharma intelligence firm Nomi.


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14 years ago

I believe that Cegedim could be a major contender as a data vendor, but I feel that general information like prescriber information should be readily available to pharma companies via a congregated effort by them which would bring doen their data acquisition costs significantly.

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