NEWS25 May 2017

Google to use credit card transactions for ad attribution

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US – Google has announced a new product, Google Attribution, which will incorporate information on in-store sales into its advertising effectiveness measurement.

Credit card crop

'With today’s complex customer journey, your business might have a dozen interactions with a single person – across display, video, search, social, and on your site or app,’ the blog post announcing the new capability reads. ‘And all these moments take place on multiple devices, making them even harder to measure.'

Google Attribution combines AdWords, Google Analytics and DoubleClick Search to offer a ‘complete view’ of ad performance. 

While the internet giant had introduced store visits measurement in 2014 to help marketers understand more about customer journeys that ‘start online and end in a store', it is now adding store sales measurement, which enables measurement of in-store revenue.

"If you collect email information at the point of sale for your loyalty programme, you can import store transactions directly into AdWords yourself or through a third-party data partner,’ the announcement reads.

'And even if your business doesn’t have a large loyalty programme, you can still measure store sales by taking advantage of Google’s third-party partnerships, which capture approximately 70% of credit and debit card transactions in the United States.'

The full announcement can be read here.