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NEWS26 May 2017

Global preference for time over possessions

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GERMANY – Three times more people firmly agree than disagree that they want more time over more money, according to the latest research from GfK.

While 31% said they strongly prefer to have more time than more money, only 9% firmly disagreed with the statement. Four in ten ( 44%) firmly believe that experiences re more important than possessions (while just 3% strongly disagree).

The online survey was conducted with 22,000 people across 17 countries.

The preference for more time over more money was especially important for people in China ( 41%), Brazil ( 37%) and Argentina ( 32%). And agreement with experiences being more important than possessions was highest in Mexico ( 57%), Argentina and the USA (both 53%).

These preferences are not as affected by income as might be expected. There is only an eleven-percentage-point difference between people in high income households and those in low income households, when it comes to the numbers who would prefer to have more time than more money ( 38% versus 27%).