NEWS30 November 2016

Global marketing budgets fall for third consecutive month

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GLOBAL — The Global Marketing Budgets index in October recorded a value down on the month before: the third month in a row that the index has fallen below the ‘no change’ level of 50. 

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Only Europe saw an increase in marketing budgets; in Asia Pacific budgets fell, recording a value of 48.1, while in the Americas a value of 45 was recorded. 

The results, released by World Economics, are calculated by taking the percentage of respondents reporting that activity has risen and adding it to half of the percentage reporting that it has not changed in order to measure the bias towards the positive. A score of 50 indicates no change from the previous month.  

The global Marketing Headline Index (GMI) for November fell to 52.3, which indicates that global marketing activity is growing slowly. Only the European GMI increased in November, to reach 56.1. 

In the Americas, marketing activity declined for the second consecutive month, recording an index value of just below 50.

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