NEWS24 March 2011

GfK wins Portuguese TV ratings contract

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PORTUGAL— GfK has won the contract to supply TV ratings in Portugal, and is building a new panel using electronic people meters for the task.

For the last 13 years TV ratings have been provided to clients in Portugal by research agency Marktest. Under a new arrangement, GfK will supply ratings to the Media Research Analysis Committee (MRAC), which will own the data on behalf of the industry.

GfK was one of five companies that competed for the contract.

To establish its panel GfK will conduct an initial survey to establish population estimates, also using data from Statistics Portugal. The firm then plans to recruit 1,100 households.

The new people meter system is designed to deal with multiplatform TV viewing, taking into account digital TV, video-on-demand, TV viewing on mobile phones and TV delivered through internet connections (IPTV).

To respond to this challenge, GfK will introduce the Universal Meter System (UMS) technology developed by GfK Telecontrol. Data will be managed using GfK’s UMS-Panel-Manager software.


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13 years ago

Goor move! This will show the real facts. SIC & RTP both happy?? Time for the real figures!

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