NEWS17 January 2011

GfK Roper Consulting moves UK manager to Asia Pacific

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ASIA PACIFIC— GfK Roper Consulting is relocating former UK general manager Jodie Roberts to Asia Pacific to drive an expansion of the business in the region.

Group MD Holly Heline Jarrell said the push into Asia was the “natural next step” for the consumer trends business, which has built up its offering in the UK, Europe, the US and the Americas in recent years.

Roberts, an Australian, has worked in New Zealand and Singapore in the past. Jarrell said: “Having successfully led the GfK Roper Consulting UK team for a number of years, and having local knowledge of the Asia Pacific region, Jodie is the obvious choice to lead the growth of our business there.”

Back in the UK, Roberts (née Hulme) has been replaced by Joe Staton, the former global trends director, who is now director and general manager of the Roper Consulting business in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.