NEWS20 July 2010

GfK MRI launches magazine ad planning tool

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US— GfK MRI (formerly known as Mediamark Research & Intelligence) has launched a web-based system for planning advertising in print magazines.

The new ad planning ‘optimiser’ brings in information from GfK MRI’s ad ratings service, launched last year, as well as its Starch Advertising Research database, which looks at factors including size, design, product category and positioning of ads. This makes it possible to estimate the number of people who will notice a particular ad, based on exactly when and where it is set to appear.

Clients will be able to use the new tool for planning as well as post-analysis, to estimate the return on their ad spend.

GfK MRI’s CEO Kathi Love said the optimiser will bring the magazine industry closer to the goal of “achieving the highest degree of return-on-investment metrics for print advertising”.

The system is being launched in beta mode to a limited number of GfK MRI’s clients, and the firm plans to make it available to the wider marketplace later in the year.