NEWS15 July 2010

GfK launches Future Buy study to shed light on shopping habits

North America

US— GfK Consumer has launched a mixed methodology survey that will take a close look at the habits of shoppers across North America.

The Future Buy study, which will run on an annual basis, is compiled using the results of an online study of 2,000 American adults, qualitative interviews, supportive desk research and trend spotting results drawn from GfK Roper Reports.

Results of the inaugural survey were released yesterday and GfK said that it had pinpointed a new breed of shopper that the firm said is “poised to change the shopper marketing dynamic”.

These new consumers, which GfK calls XTreme Shoppers, seek out and use emerging technologies to “take control” of their shopping and go out and find the best deals.

XTreme Shoppers see shopping as a “challenge” and will use a mixture of information gained from online, in-store, word-of-mouth, TV and direct mail to ensure they succeed in their hunt for a bargain.

According to the research, 31% of Americans fit into this new category, “signalling the arrival of a new shopping culture”.