NEWS15 October 2014

GfK adds health-related attitudinal targeting

News North America

US — GfK MRI and Santiago Solutions Group are partnering to allow consumers to be targeted based on ‘wellness-related attitudes and behaviours’.

SSG Wellness Spectrum has used a number of factors to assign a “wellness score” to 150,000 consumers in the GfK MRI database. The theory is that these factors will alllow marketers to understand their customers’ levels of “wellness receptivity” in order to adapt growth strategies.

Santiago and GfK have identified six segments – or “Wellness Personas” – including:

  • Busy Strivers: seeking to balance life yet more driven by convenience than health.
  • Savvy Indulgents: not willing to compromise on taste or cost for the sake of wellness.
  • Fit & Holistic: incorporating healthy lifestyle choices consistently and shopping with the planet in mind.

“In the US, wellness is no longer just about organic food and yoga,” said Susan Nunez, vice president of Advertiser Sales for GfK MRI. “Consumers from almost every lifestyle and demographic are trying to eat better and make other healthy lifestyle changes – even though they may have fast food and ice cream at other times.

“Wellness Spectrum helps marketers understand these complex attitudes and behaviours, creating products and campaigns that speak to consumers’ desire to do better for themselves.”

  • Gfk MRI has also announced that it has added data points on tablet sharing, health insurance choices and viewing out-of-home advertising to its American consumer survey