NEWS7 May 2015

Gender predicts app engagement

News North America

US — The cost to acquire a new customer who makes a first-time purchase in a shopping app is much lower for women than men, according to new research.


According to mobile app marketing and retargeting company Liftoff, which analysed CPA and conversion rates across 22.5m installs and 550m post-install events, women (using shopping apps) were 32% more likely to purchase: they showed a much higher install-to-first-purchase rate and significantly lower cost-per-purchase, at $144.50 for women versus $190.70 for men.

The analysis covered six app categories: dating, finance, shopping, social, travel and utility.

Women also outperformed men in social apps, with 36% more women sharing content. This resulted in a lower cost-per-first-time-share of $7.74 for woman, compared with $10.52 for men.

However in financial apps, cost-per-install for men was 15.25% lower than for women; and cost-per-registration was 16.3% lower than that for women.

The full report can be accessed here.