NEWS25 March 2015

Future Foundation and IPA launch 10-year consumer engagement study

News UK

UK — The Future Foundation and IPA have launched a 10-year consumer engagement study: The Future of Marketing and Agencies in 2025.


The first phase of findings from the study has identified four scenarios for consumer marketing and engagement to 2025 and “a challenging future for brands and agencies unless they adapt to the changing landscape”.

The scenarios have been developed through a process of consultation and participation with agency heads and chief marketing officers. They are as follows:

iControl: a future world of tech-empowered, self-sufficient consumers who create tools, services and products independent of branded influence

Best Buy Brands: brands play a wholly functional role and consumers rely on them to deliver best-in-class products and services. Emotional marketing plays second fiddle to innovation and performance.

Brand ME-Q: brands have become genuine partners for consumers. Deep emotional engagement and lifestyle management are delivered via advice and entertainment.

Me and the Brand Next Door: self-sufficient consumers see their relationship with brands as friendships. Brands take a back seat, but provide consumers with platforms and opportunities to achieve and fulfil individual potential.

“Whilst many of today’s big brands appear to have the upper hand, consumers are constantly evolving,” said Melanie Howard, chair of The Future Foundation. “The aim of this study is to therefore question what the role of marketing communications should be in the always-on, constantly moving and seamless world of interaction and content creation and crucially how brands and agencies can keep pace with consumers.”