NEWS2 May 2018

Fuel Cycle one stop platform launched

News North America

US – Intelligence platform Fuel Cycle has released Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX) its platform offering all-in-one insight tools.

FCX allows Fuel Cycle customers to centralise research activities on a single platform to support product development, shopper insights, customer experience, pricing and marketing.

The platform includes partner integration, role-specific methodologies and unified insights with Fuel Cycle Profile Maps. Its integration partners can build on top of the FCX API, with respondent management via Fuel Cycle Communities and Fuel Cycle Panels.

President, Eran Gilad, said: “While customer insights are increasingly important to successful, fast-paced companies, we noticed there wasn’t a solution available to unite multiple insights tools in a cohesive platform. With FCX, corporate researchers are able to address all their diverse research needs on a single enterprise platform.”