NEWS13 May 2010

Fox and Innerscope expand research partnership

New business North America

US— Neuromarketing agency Innerscope has designed a new service for Fox Broadcasting to test advertising and content effectiveness.

The new service is the latest product of a partnership between the two firms to provide advertising clients with biometric engagement measures for on-air and cross platform promotions.

One of the capabilities of the new service is to study the effects of brand messages presented on different media platforms.

Fox’s president of sales Jon Nesvig said: “With Innerscope, we hope to take our knowledge and the industry’s understanding of the science behind consumers’ connection to media and brands further, and in the process, work with our clients to plan and utilise television and cross-platform promotions to their best effect.”

Carl Marci (pictured) Innerscope’s CEO and chief scientist added: “We’re excited to work with Fox to expand this framework, which helps to explain the complex media world we live in on a conscious and unconscious level.”