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Fort Hill launches company crowdsourcing tool

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US — Human capital management firm Fort Hill Company has launched a new tool called waggl, which is designed to allow business managers to crowdsource information from within their companies.


Waggl can be use on either mobile, tablet or desktop devices. Managers can pose a question through the system to their employees, who then vote and offer feedback.

Domino’s Pizza was one of several companies to have tested waggl during its two-year “incubation period”. It polled 250 franchise operators on ideas to move pizzas from the preparation area to the ovens as quickly as possible.

Fifty ideas were submitted by franchise operators, which the respondent group were able to vote on and discuss. John Kissinger, franchise training manager at Domino’s, said: “Before the end of the two week period when we had final results, the waggl rating process was showing us the best ideas – those with the highest ratings. That allowed everyone to take action on the strongest ideas, even before we had finished the formal job aid.”

Alongside the launch, waggl said it was also in the process of raising up to $2m in seed funding, which it expects to close before May.


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