NEWS6 July 2022

Forsta creates mobile ethnography app

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UK/US/AUSTRALIA – Market research and customer experience technology business Forsta has launched a mobile ethnography app for gathering qualitative insights at scale.

person using smartphone

The app, called Digital Diaries, will be available on Apple and Android devices and will be complementary to Forsta’s existing desktop customer journey and ethnography tool.

Digital Diaries will be accessible for users of Forsta’s Human Experience platform, which gathers and analyses data to help inform decision-making.

Companies can use Forsta’s Digital Diaries app to follow along on an individual customer’s journey, such as an in-store shopping experience, and gain insights into their choices.

Other features include recreating in-person focus groups, real-time group discussions, digital polls, uploading photos and videos, and concept testing of package redesigns or in-store displays.

Brian Bhuta, chief product officer at Forsta, said: “Digital Diaries enables the type of deep consumer understanding that can only come with one-on-one interactions with customers sharing their feedback in a way that feels natural to the way they live their lives – on their phones and using text messages, social media and other forms of digital communication.”