NEWS17 October 2022

Forsta and Big Village partner on survey data

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US – Advertising, technology and data company Big Village has partnered with market research and customer and employee experience business Forsta on survey data.

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The agreement will see Forsta Visualizations tool made available through Big Village’s Caravan Omnibus Surveys.

Visualizations will allow users of Caravan to analyse data and gather insights, as well as importing information into PowerPoint or Excel.

Big Village said it was using Visualizations for survey around consumer sentiment and the upcoming Fifa World Cup in Qatar.

Wayne Russum, senior vice-president, Caravan Surveys at Big Village, said: “It is critical that our clients not only have access to their data but have the tools necessary to dive deeper into their insights and get a better understanding of the trends that are emerging.

“The partnership with Forsta will allow clients to engage with the omnibus survey results in a completely new way that will ultimately help them increase efficiencies, cut down costs and most importantly, convey to executives and stakeholders the importance of insights in digestible segments.”

Tobi Andersson, managing director of market research at Forsta, said: “Now more than ever, companies need to be able to quickly engage with the insights behind the data they collect, and turn those insights into action that drives growth and innovation.”