NEWS13 January 2014

Former WorldOne qual team goes independent


FRANCE — A group of 13 former WorldOne executives have set up a new qualitative fieldwork firm specialising in healthcare.

Cedric Degraeuwe and Maureen Day McLaughlin

Cedric Degraeuwe and Maureen Day McLaughlin

QualWorld was founded by four directors: managing director Cedric Degraeuwe, North America director Maureen Day McLaughlin, Europe director Dino Lista and resources director Caroline Keravel.

All four previously held senior positions at WorldOne, however – according to Lista – WorldOne took the “strategic decision” at the end of 2013 to focus more on quant work.

Dino Lista and Caroline Keravel

Dino Lista and Caroline Keravel

“What we did was take the existing qual team and become independent,” explained Lista.

WorldOne had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

Joining QualWorld alongside the four directors is Brandy Lau as Asia director, and a host of project managers spread out across Europe, Hong Kong and the US. Biographies of the team are online here.