NEWS11 April 2014

Former GfK Turkey execs open up MindStation

Europe News

TURKEY — Two former GfK Turkey executives, Eda Aybaba Çelik and Cüneyt De?er, have launched a brand marketing research and consulting firm called MindStation.


The company aims to work across a variety of sectors, from energy to finance, to telecoms and consumer goods, focusing on price, communications, brand, channel, customer and product management-related studies.

Both Çelik and De?er are past winners of GfK innovation projects, the former for optimising mystery shopping processes, and the latter for mobile interviewing techniques.

De?er said: “Our objective is maximising the return on investments by optimising research design. Technology helps us realise that… We develop cutting-edge, innovative technologies to reinforce market research projects internally.”

MindStation is based in Istanbul, and is online at