NEWS18 November 2011

Forbes Consulting uses images to access emotions

North America Technology

US— Research agency Forbes Consulting has introduced a picture-based technique for capturing emotional responses in online surveys and qual research.

The MindSight system asks questions such as “I wish I could feel more…” and respondents answer by selecting an image.

Pictures flash up on screen for less than a second, forcing respondents to make their choice very quickly. The idea is to catch people in the window between recognising an image and consciously editing their response.

Each image has been linked to one of nine categories of emotion based on Forbes’s proprietary model of human motivation. This allows researchers to interpret the emotions behind respondents’ choices.

MindSight can be incorporated into standard online surveys or administered by a moderator as part of qualitative research, the company said. Forbes has already used it in studies involving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, financial services and advertising.

Founder and CEO David Forbes said: “MindSight is a breakthrough technology for our clients to gain a better understanding of the specific emotions that influence buyers’ decision-making. It allows us to talk directly to the emotional brain.”



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I have to say this is not very impressive. Seems light on theory and I would question the actionability of the results.

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