NEWS27 March 2012

Forbes adds emotional measurement to iPhone and Android

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US— Forbes Consulting has brought its emotional response research platform on to iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The company has already tested it out in a study of 1,400 retail shoppers, who were asked to record their feelings about their shopping experience immediately after check-out.

Like its online cousin, MindSight Mobile asks questions such as “I wish I could feel more…” and respondents answer by selecting an image.

Pictures flash up on screen for less than a second, forcing respondents to make their choice very quickly. The idea is to catch people in the window between recognising an image and consciously editing their response.

Each image has been linked to one of nine categories of emotion based on Forbes’s proprietary model of human motivation.

President David Forbes (pictured) said the company is looking to take emotional research “into the moment where consumers purchase, use or experience brands”.


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10 years ago

Well this is certainly huge news. Forbes has consistently been at the forefront of web analytics and cookie tracking, with others following their lead. It will be interesting to see how this emotional response platform affects how they do business--and, of course, I'm interested to see what sort of insight it provides for the rest of us! Thanks for the tip. --Katie The Researchist

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