NEWS9 February 2017

FocusVision releases new focus group video technology

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US – Market research technology company FocusVision has launched FV360 Live, its new focus group video system featuring 3600 cameras.

Focus group top view_crop

The company said the technology places observers in the midst of the conversation, allowing participants’ expressions, emotions and non-verbal cues to be more clearly witnessed, as the camera automatically follows the conversation.

By linking to its FV Video Insights platform for storing, editing and analysing video, videos of the groups can be made.  

FocusVision CEO, Jamin Brazil said: “With this new product, we are welcoming in the third age of focus groups. Now anyone, anywhere in the world, can run a group and get the same impression as if they were in the room. What is more, the seamless link to our video storage and archiving system means that clients can create compelling insight video stories, faster than ever before.”