NEWS21 October 2016

FocusVision and Schlesinger team up for focus group video

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US – Market research technology firm FocusVision and data collection company Schlesinger Associates have formed a partnership to pilot a new focus group video system.

Focus group

The system uses 3600 cameras, allowing expressions and non-verbal cues to be witnessed more clearly, as the camera automatically follows the conversation wherever it goes. 

It then links to 24Tru, FocusVision’s platform for storing, editing, analysing and distributing video.

Steve Schlesinger, CEO of Schlesinger Associates said: “The high-quality close-up on each participant, combined with an easy-to-use video management system, takes focus group viewing and video reporting to a whole new level.”

FocusVision CEO, Jamin Brazil added: “This system demonstrates FocusVision’s ongoing innovation and dedication to elevating the insights experience.”

The system is rolling out at Schlesinger facilities throughout the US and UK in October and at its France and Germany facilities later this year.