NEWS24 June 2019

FlexMR adds new services

News UK

UK – Tech insight agency FlexMR has launched a line of consultative empowerment services to help clients promote insights across departments.

The services build on the firm’s recent software releases and are split into three streams to support insight led cultures, decision-making processes and help deliver tangible value.

As part of the launch, FlexMR will create bespoke, branded research playbooks that demonstrate how individual research tasks contribute to wider cross-functional projects and achieve key business objectives.

Paul Hudson, CEO of FlexMR, said: “With this line of services we’re pushing the boundaries of the client-agency relationship and into a space where we are able to be much more strategically integrated. In short, we want to help our clients build great teams, sell the ROI of their work and become integral to commercial decision making.”

The services have been constructed to include: collaboration programmes to bridge the gap between insight departments and the wider organisation; close connection programmes to create frameworks and materials that help insight teams take control of an internal agency approach; and activation programmes with tailored education.